Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer's almost over!

But con season isn't slowing down yet!  I'm gonna be in a couple of different places in the  next couple of months, and then I'm hunkering down to finish up my current Oni project.  

I hope you guys are going to Dragon Con this weekend.  It's a huge party full of every type of fan of every type of media, tons of cosplay, and tons of merch.  I'm gonna be walking around, going to panels (which I never get to do at cons anymore; too busy at my table), and fangirling over all the awesome costumes.  So!  If you see me, please don't hesitate to say hey!

(that's a picture of me, in case you had no idea what I look like)

I'll also have a table at AWA with my friend Erin Kipps September 27-29.  So come out and grab some art!

I've also just been asked to be a guest at Comic Book City Con October 26-27!  I'm super excited about this con.  There's already a bunch of awesome guests slated to be there, and the folks at Acme Comics are pretty damn rad.  So!  Come check it out!

Here's some art as a thank you for reading this whole dumb post:

Wow. No one is happy in any of those.

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