Thursday, January 5, 2012

Play Ball article on CBR!!

This winter break has been pretty exciting. I finished Play Ball (I can finally talk about it!!), it goes to the printers this month, and it'll be released April 25th! I'm really looking forward to this con season. I'm looking forward to going to cities I've never been to before, meeting new artists and writers, and chatting with con attendees.

Seriously, cons are the best. It's like a private party with all your best friends and you're all connected by your love of whatever fandoms or creators inspire you.

So, to the point! I'm really excited about Play Ball coming out. Christina Weir and Nunzio Defilippis were an awesome writing team to work with. Jill Beaton, my editor, worked so hard on this project, and I appreciate her so much for that. Oni Press is a great company, with excellent folks.

To see the Play Ball page on the Oni Press website, click here.

Also, I was pleasantly surprised by a sweet little write up about Play Ball on CBR yesterday. It's a nice overview of the story, and Nunzio, Jill, and Christina give their perspective on the story, characters, and genre. Honestly, it's really thrilling to see my name on CBR, and to have the gorgeous cover (designed and colored by Keith Wood) up on

My experience with this book was so good, and I'm really looking forward to delving into a new project soon!