Saturday, April 12, 2008

I swear that I'll post more...but it may all be classwork...

Hey, look out for monter fish! You never know when they might try to eat you (shown actual size)!

So, I'm stomping on through Contemporary Art and Materials and Techniques of Sequential. I'm lovelovelove-ing it all. I would stay in school forever if it was free. I've decided to go with Roy Lichtenstein for my research paper, but I haven't decided on a good enough thesis that will keep me talking for 12+ pages. We're working on different techniques of rendering comic panels in M&T, and with each technique we produce one panel that is part of a cumulative 8-part storyline. I'll wait until I'm completely finished, and then I'll shove all of them into one post. However, just to stave your hunger for stuff, here's a brush-technique exercise that's due this wednesday:

I know you're asking yourself, "Who is that guy?" Well, it's Tarzan, silly! We also did an excercise with the pigment pens using a film noir-style still of Robert Mitchum and one using nibs of Veronica Lake. It's very cool (to me, at least) to take this info and apply it to my particular style.

I had an interview for an intern position at Gaijin studios on Friday! I got to meet Cully Hamner, which was super exciting! The guys were so nice; it would be so cool to be able to work with them and get some real hands-on experience seeing what they do.

I almost forgot! Geoff's movie premiere, Loaded Guns the Movie,was awesome fun last Friday. I laughed harder than I have laughed in a long time, and I was more grossed out than I have been since Narissa and I had gross-out wars. I just have to have my own copy of the dvd. It's so Upright Citizens brigade-meets-Kids in the Hall, and it stars my friends. How much better can it get? Here's how much better:
Is it wierd that I'm posting a picture of just me? I swear that I was there with a bunch of other people (you can see the Hen on the right there), but we didn't get any photos together. Geoff took this one, bc he's a photo ninja.

I make this face all the time, by the way.
School has forced me to put a big fat pause on writing my first graphic novel, but that's alright. I'll get back on that real soon.

I made ramen today.