Thursday, January 27, 2011

Student Spotlight

Hey, folks!

I've been diligently working on my Oni book, and trying to get back into the swing of things at SCAD. We had a weird week there when Atlanta got totally snowed in, but we're recovering with make up classes.

Aside from pro work, I've got several projects in the works in the form of mini comics (that I will most definitely have at Fluke and Heroes Con this year) and long-form story pitches. I will definitely keep you guys updated on all that.

ALSO! I am the focus of the student spotlight on The Temple of Cartoon Mojo, which is a blog/group dedicated to SCAD-Atlanta sequential art students. Go check it out here.

Here's the very nice intro that my friend and professor, Nolan Woodard (who is an amazing artist and one of the smartest people I know), wrote for my interview:

"Our latest student spotlight came to us without a background in drawing at all. Jackie's BA is in Theater Studies from Emory and needed to take some provisional courses to prove she was up to snuff and could make it in our graduate program (since we don't let just anyone in). Not only did she prove herself but she excelled. Jackie Lewis took to drawing and storytelling like a fish does to water. The transformation from newbie to literally everything to proficient and accomplished artist as one of our lead graduates has been an amazing thing to behold and we at SCAD-Atlanta feel blessed we got to be there when it happened. Editors have taken notice of her work too and even before she has completed her studies she has already been published in an anthology and is also hard at work on her first graphic novel with Oni Press. You can check out more of her work and follow her at her blog aptly named Jackie Makes Comics. And, boy, does she ever!"

Thanks, Nolan!