Sunday, June 26, 2011


I have sat down and made a list of things to draw, learn and accomplish this summer. Things are moving smoothly with my Oni book and pitches I'm working on(accomplishments!), and I'm researching lots of different characters/stories for pinups I plan on doing over the next few months (draw!).

As far as what I've been wanting to learn, I took up knitting last fall, and I keep practicing my Photoshop coloring skills (and, one day, I'll spring for that parkour tutor). The big thing that I've been wanting to learn is WATERCOLORING. There are so many different watercolor styles and techniques, and some of my friends (Cara McGee and FalynnK, I'm looking at you two) are awesome painters, and their watercolors are so inspiring! Cara and I finally made a watercoloring date this past week, and it's been going pretty awesome.

I have been wanting to do some fanart of this anime called Puella Magi Madoka Magica that Cara turned me on to, and this was the perfect excuse.
My first watercolor EVER. History, guys.

Second watercolor EVER. Even more history.

Third watercolor EVER EVER. This will be on the test.

The last one I did (so far). This one's of Puella Mami, which if you watch the show you probably know. But, I hadn't written her name on there, so.

I am really pleased with my results so far. I've never considered myself to be much of a colorist, but I think watercolors may be the medium for me. Or, at least, they're a gateway medium into the crazy world of putting water on colors and colors on paper.

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My favorite part is the last sentence.