Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Sad Baby Monsters" on Comics Alliance!

Fluke was awesome. It's improved so much since I went two years ago. Fluke has grown, but it's still small enough that it's easy to meet people and talk comics.

One of the great people that I met at Fluke this weekend was Chris Sims, writer on Comics Alliance (This is my favorite "Ask Chris" article of his. Read it. It's awesome). Check out his website!

Remember that article that was up on CA about the "American" super hero redesigns? That was written by Chris. :D

Chris was nice enough to write up an article about my "Sad Baby Monsters" mini that I had at Fluke, which you can read here!

Thanks, Chris!


Zachary said...

Hi. My brother stumbled across your Sad Baby Monsters at HeroesCon (I would be there, too, but my wife is due in a couple of days!) -- he noticed it because it is similar to an iOS project I'm working on (http://www.babysfirstmonsters.com). Needless to say, we think they are awesome. If you have any interest in turning this into an iPad book, let me know and maybe we can work on something together. If not, no biggie... keep up the great work!

Zack Fisher

mack samaha said...

where's the 'Sad Baby Zombie-Jesus'?