Saturday, December 20, 2008

blog design

I almost forgot to mention: I'm  in desperate need of knowledge on how to redesign my blog page.  It's just so...well, you can see how bland it is.  It wants to be personalized, dammit!  Any (detailed--remember, I am a suck at computer stuffs) tips will be greatly appreciated, I assure you.


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Cara M. said...

haha, I used to get all of my layout codes from, then I would just make my own header image in photoshop using the size dimensions from the original one from the copied code *lol* But a lot of the codes there dont let you take advantage of all the cool stuff Blogger's capable of, so I just caved and used one of bloggers standard layouts with my own header. Nolan should teach us how to customize these things at Temple or something ;P