Friday, February 22, 2008

Dusty Star images

Dusty Star sketch challenge for the Temple this past week:

I took the simple line drawing, Then I just dropped some color on it:

I obviously still need some digital design/coloring classes.
Also, I realize that I left the star off of her shirt, but it would have been placed so close to the edge of the large star, that I feel like it might have looked strange. So, I left it off.

I always look back at whatever I've done and I keep thinking of how to improve. There's always room for improvement, you just have to give each project all you've got!

A few of my favorite things:
High collars
Gas Masks
Big, chunky gloves

As evidenced by this cute little ballpoint sketch that I did when I got home tonight.


nolan woodard said...

I'm posting the b/w Dusty to the Temple blog. Keep the sketch challenges coming!

Courtney said...

Big, chunky gloves are awesome.

Not nearly as awesome as YOU though. :)